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Aerobie Squidgie Ball - (colors will vary)

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Squeeze an Aerobie Squidgie ball and you won’t put it down!

Made of soft molded rubber fins, the Squidgie ball is designed for kids of all ages to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. The soft fin design is easy for small hands to grip, making it the ideal ball for learning to play catch.

Bring it to the beach or the pool - it floats! 

Colors shipped will vary between orange, blue, pink, yellow, green, red, and glow in the dark.

 This ball is soft and comfortable to catch, allowing those that may otherwise be fearful of a traditional, hard sports ball a nice alternative.  It is fun and easy to throw, but it does not bounce.  Great for active outdoor use.  Can be used to improve hand/eye coordination.  The fins on the ball make it a great fidget item as well. 

This is NOT a Chewigem product and is NOT INTENDED FOR CHEWING.

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Due to the intended use of the product, wear and tear are expected and products should be checked routinely for damage and used with adult supervision. Discard and replace immediately once damaged. Necklaces are not intended to be worn for children under age 3 due to the concern of long cord strangulation. Clasps and ties contain small parts and may be a choking hazard and are not intended for chewing. This is not a toy.